Choosing the right stock for a custom long range hunting rifle or a competition match-grade benchrest rifle is an important factor for achieving accuracy, along with stability and durability. Our range of high quality components such as McMillan Stocks allow you to build the best of the best when constructing your rifle. McMillan World Class stocks feature the Ultralight Edge line appropriate for both the competitive and field shooter.

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  • McMillan Edge Stock Long Action Stiller

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  • McMillan Edge Stock Short Action Stiller

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  • McMillan Edge Stock Short Action Borden

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  • McMillan Edge Stock Long Action Borden

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  • McMillan MBR Stock For Borden Rimrock Action

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McMillan stocks are proudly made the United States and features Edge technology, utilizing 100% graphite with high tech resins evolved in aeronautical space design. This technologically advanced stew of superb materials has resulted in stocks that are lighter and more durable than wood or fiberglass. These stocks are available for long or short Borden and Stiller actions.

A flex reducing integral barrel channel has been created from the structural reinforcement present in the new benchrest model while the stock has been tested to be three times stronger than its wood predecessors of the olden days.

Your ultimate 1,000 yard hunting rifle deserves true grit space age technology that has been field tested and proven invariably. All of these parts together ensure quality and peace of mind that can be handed down to your children.




Does the type of rifle stock affect accuracy?

Yes. The accuracy fanatics at McMillan discovered in 1973 that rifles made out of fiberglass produced the most accuracy as opposed to their wood or inexpensive synthetic counterpart.


What is a good weight for a rifle stock?

Ideally, between 20-24oz. This depends on whether your custom long range rifle will be used for hunting or benchrest shooting. The McMillan Edge stock featured at Gunware is within this weight criteria. For additional assistance finding the correct stock to meet your needs, please contact us today.


What does it mean when a rifle stock is labeled as synthetic or composite?

The term “synthetic” merely means fabricated from artificial materials that lack fundamental rigidity and strength, along with element resistance to moisture and harsh chemicals. Whereas “composite” denotes a fiberglass stock that has been laminated using a graphite cloth producing the ultimate strength, durability and accuracy that we find in stocks like the McMillan Edge.


What is the importance of bedding a stock?

Bedding a rifle stock is imperative to overall accuracy and stability. When you fire off a round, the recoil and vibration ripple through the entire firearm, from the barrel and action to the butt of the gun resting on your shoulder. This produces stress and movement that can drastically affect accuracy and reliability. Epoxy glass bedding provides peak stability by forming a perfectly tight seal between the stock and action resulting in consistent accuracy, consequently providing a robust lifespan for your long range rifle stock.


Why is fiberglass a good material for stocks?

The advantages of fiberglass are not only accuracy – imperative for long range rifles – but they also provide rigidity and are non-warping, as well as being resilient to an array of weather elements. Additionally, research and rigorous field testing has proven unequivocally that reinforced fabrics combined with resins comprise a stabilizing quality that acts as a shock absorber.