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  • Krieger 6mm 7.5 Twist 5 Contour 5R 27

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  • Krieger 6.5mm 8 Twist 17 Contour Heavy Varmint 29

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  • Krieger 6.5mm 8 Twist 5.5 Contour 5R 27 Fluted

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  • Krieger 6.5mm 8 Twist 5 Contour 5R 27

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  • Krieger 308 10 Twist 5 Contour 5R 27

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As gun builders and experienced shooters ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge of the difference that a carbon fiber rifle barrel can make, or the way a barrel is machined and how it can impact your target 1,000 yards down range. Gunware provides only the best barrels in the business from Bartlein, Proof Research, Krieger and Brux tailored to fit each custom hunting rifle we make for our customers. Contact us to start building yours!

What are the different types of rifle barrels?

There three types of methods used to make rifle barrels called Cut, Button, and Hammer Forging Rifling. Barrels are made with various types of materials including stainless steel, carbon fiber, nickel steel and chrome-molybdenum depending on manufacturer material preferences. Likewise twist rates and fluting, bull and contours barrels are customizable and each type of material has its own advantage and disadvantage depending on the intended use of the barrel.

What are the advantages of using carbon fiber barrels?

The best advantages to a carbon fiber rifle barrel include heat dissipation, and a similar stiffness of a heavy steel contour rifle barrel without all of the weight. This weight reduction is particularly helpful for those long range hunting treks through miles of treacherous wilderness.

How long should a rifle barrel be for long range hunting?

Tracking through rough terrain and brush on a hunting trip is important to consider when Gunware custom builds your long range hunting rifle. A 26” barrel or longer is not necessarily more accurate than a short barrel and they tend to hang up on every tree branch and rock known to mankind. The most popular length used today for a hunting rifle is the 24” inch barrel, but any specific lengths can be discussed with one of our expert gunsmiths when you build your own rifle with us.

How are rifle barrels made and fitted for custom guns?

The birth of a custom rifle barrel begins using a choice of material ranging from stainless steel, carbon fiber, nickel steel and chrome-molybdenum. These choice materials vary between Proof Research, Bartlein, Krieger, Hawk Hill and Brux. Rifling then begins using techniques called Cut or Button rifling. The most common technique among custom rifle builders is called Button. From there your bolt barrel blank is fitted using your requested caliber and specifications. Specific requirements you can customize include; contour, bore diameter, number of grooves, fluting and twist rates are then obtained through dynamic tried and true methods.