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  • Bartlein 7mm 8.5 Twist 3B Contour 5R 29

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  • Bartlein 7mm 8.5 Twist 3B Contour 5R 29 Fluted

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    Bartlein 7mm 9 Twist Straight Taper Contour 5R 33

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Best known for their stress-free Single Point Cut rifling, Bartlien’s twist rates are so precise that they come within the 4th decimal point of your desired twist – making for the most precision twist in the industry. When hitting your target depends on your ability make the most out of every high velocity bullet fired, twist rate is everything.

The Bartlien 5R will leave you with a heavy and well balanced barrel with less down time to allow for barrel cooling needed in competition shooting, while the Bartlien 3B fluted barrel provides a lighter carry for those long hunting trails.

Bartlien contours have been the top shelf pick for pro’s both in the brush, as well at the benchrest. When you decide to build your custom hunting rifle with a barrel from Bartlien, you are one step closer to the winner’s circle. And speaking of the winner’s circle – Bartlien is 100% proudly made in the U.S.A.


Bartlien FAQs:

What benefits do Bartlien barrels have for hunting?

Long range hunting requires superior velocity and unprecedented accuracy in rugged terrain where a lightweight rifle barrel matters most. The Bartlien 3B Contour barrel was designed with the hunter in mind – providing exact custom twist, reduced recoil and a lighter carry for the long awaited extreme backcountry hunting trip involving rugged terrain, accessories and gear.


Are fluted barrels more accurate for long range shooting?

That depends on who you ask. One of the hottest debated questions is ‘to flute or not to flute’. Most gun experts will also encourage you to avoid mass produced fluted barrels. Stick with the elite custom barrel makers like Bartlien that eat, sleep and breathe precision barrels.

Although the debate rages on about whether or not fluting affects accuracy, what fluting WILL do for you is:

  • Make your rifle lighter
  • Increase heat dissipation
  • Provide a sleek appearance