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  • Borden Timberline Action Mag

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  • Borden Timberline Action

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  • Borden Rimrock BRMXD Action

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  • Borden Alpine Action with Big Knob Handle

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  • Borden Alpine Action

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What shipping restrictions are there on rifle actions or other firearms parts?

Gunware easily ships your rifle action – or other firearm parts –  through UPS. Rifle parts that contain serial numbers including suppressors and receivers are deemed as a firearm itself by the ATF, and therefore must be shipped separately.


How do I know which bolt action to buy for my rifle?

You will need to know choice of caliber, and long vs short rifle action or magnum. Additionally, what its intended purpose is such as competition shooting, or hunting. If you are unsure of which action best fits your needs, contact our elite gunsmiths to help.


What is the difference between bolt and lever actions?

The lever action rifle uses a lever style handle near the trigger to load and unload rounds into the chamber from the magazine. Bolt actions use a bolt mechanism in which a handle is rotated upward and pulled back to grab a round from the magazine by means of either a controlled feed or a push feed system. It then thrusts forward and rotates the bolt handle downward to lock the round into the chamber. Bolt actions are superior for use in long range rifles due to their accuracy and extraction reliability, along with barrel bedding and trigger mechanisms.


Which brand of actions are best for long range shooting?

Borden and Stiller are both equally top of the line actions used for long range shooting. The difference comes in whether your custom long range rifle is used for hunting or match grade competition shooting.


How often should I clean the action of my rifle?

This tends to be a hotly debated question as too much cleaning can often do more harm than good. That being said, a terribly fouled barrel can pose unseen danger. Ideally, give your weapon a thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of the season, making sure to wipe down your rifle on every outing to protect against the elements.