Gunware offers the elite collection of semi-automatic pistols rich in heritage that you have come to expect from your custom gun builder.

If you’re concerned about the lady in your life home alone, our Ruger LCP II 380 is the perfect size and caliber for home protection to keep her safe. Alternatively, when you need a sidearm for concealed carry with a tactical edge; the Ruger FNS 40 caliber pistol with night sights will give you peace of mind.

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  • Ruger LCPII 380 SA PST B 6 Round Model #3750

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  • FNS 40 Pistol .40 caliber with Night Sights

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Whether a companion hunting in the field or protecting yourself and loved ones; you rely on your weapon for consistent accuracy and smooth action without a jam. Your weapon should fit your hand like a glove and fire smooth as silk. We have just handgun to do just that. These pistols will deliver with uncompromising marksmanship and reliability.

When you firmly grip a semi-automatic handgun from legendary FN Herstal or Ruger, you will feel that shared commitment to excellence you can only find at Gunware. From our custom rifles and reloading, we firmly believe ‘Quality is Priority’ and will settle for nothing less. We think you shouldn’t either.

Handgun & Pistol FAQs

Can you purchase a pistol in another state?

Yes, but remember firearm transfers must always be done through federal firearms licensed (FFL) dealers every time without exception. This means a FFL dealer like Gunware must transfer the pistol through a FFL dealer near you. A federal 4473 form must be completed, passed and state specific legal registration needs to take place before taking legal possession of the firearm. Most states will require you obtain a pistol permit.

Does the barrel length of a pistol matter?

Yes. You won’t get as much velocity from a short barrel as you would from a long barrel. Ammunition type can make a slight variable in velocity but as a general rule, longer barrels improve a shooter’s accuracy through the sight radius. Ultimately, you should determine the intended purpose of the pistol before deciding on a purchase.

Do I need a certification or license for a pistol?

Gun licensing and certification laws vary greatly by state and are constantly changing under scrutiny. The overwhelming majority of states require you obtain a permit to purchase, complete a firearm safety course and obtain a license to carry (CCW). It is best to consult your individual state to assure proper certifications and licensing laws are followed prior to purchase.